Top Tips to Digital Photography

Digital Photography Tips

Here is my first blog post on the top ten tips of digital photography. Firstly, any type of photography is an art and should be speculated with a detailed eye and imagination. The finer the art, the more detail is usually put into and better results can last. Here is a quick breakdown of the top tips in the digital photography game that people can utilize and implement in today’s art.


Tip #1 is to make sure your hands do not shake. Control your breathing and make sure it is not too windy when you are taking your photos. This is a very basic step but it is the most important as well when it comes to perfecting the photography game.

Tip #2 is to buy a polarizer filter for your lens.  This filter reduces reflections from water, metal, & glass. Furthermore, it definitely improves the colors of the sky tones and earth tones.

Tip #3 is to not use flash indoors! This is very important when you are indoors not to use flash or it will look very unnatural. To fix this problem when you are indoors and is dark, then you can push the ISO up, usually around 800-1600 will make a pretty amazing difference for the shutter speed you decide to go with.


I want to make a shout out Annie Leibovitz & Steve Perelmuter for helping me find my passion in photography and making a blogsite solely about it. Enjoy!