Photography Sessions for Dance Fitness Models

Are you proud of being regular at the gym? Do you always stick to your training schedule? In case you do, you understand how fun it can be to show your healthiest and happiest self to the world! Wondering how to do that? It’s simple: a good photography session is everything you need right now. These shoots are primarily focused to capture your healthiest self and they hardly take 2-3 hours of your time. Not only are they simple, comprehensive and affordable, but they also happen to be one of the best ways to stay motivated and give fitness goals to the rest of the world. In case you’re wondering how to start out- here’s everything you need to know!

How Does it Start Out?

Photography for dance fitness instructors and models is pretty simple.  You can check out one of our recent projects at Studio Fit Chicago to get an idea about these fitness dance photography shots. Once you book an appointment, the experts have a clear discussion with you about who you are and what you expect from the shoot. While the photographers suggest some unique photoshoot ideas, you’re also welcome to share ideas of your own. When you have a discussion with these experts, tell them about the look you want to achieve, the poses you’d love to try, the hair, wardrobe and makeup that suits you best. Once you’ve set a clear guideline, the experts will then work on a list of shots. In case you don’t have any original ideas, create a pinterest board or share the photos that inspire you the most on Instagram. These photographers will discuss about everything that you’ll need in order to look and feel absolutely, fresh, confident and fit.

What Does it Include?

Dance Class Photography with Professional InsturctorsThe shoot usually happens between 1-3 hours in your preferred location. Before you start out, you’re usually asked to perform yoga to stay calm and confident. Right after that, you’ll be asked to perform any activity you excel in. Believe me; nothing can make your photo look more relevant than actually doing the activity you love doing. The heavy breathing, the flicking of your hair, the sweat oozing from your body, your athletic expressions collectively work to make your shots look even more real.

During your session, your photographer will constantly ask you to keep moving. We’d ask you to do the same. Even if you love a specific pose, do not settle for it. Keep moving to allow your photographer capture some real, artistic and incredibly candid photos. After the shot is over, you’ll be asked to browse through a gallery of shots. Check them out and pick your favorite ones. The photographer will get back to you with fully edited and retouched versions of your favorite shots.

What to Expect?

When you’re up for a dance photo shoot for fitness models, expect two hours of unadulterated fun and lots of interactive activities. The photographers taking your shots are highly experienced and they’d do everything to keep the shoot relaxed and comfortable. They’ll be incredibly creative and also give you a chance to address any of your concerns before r during the shoot.


Top Tips to Digital Photography

Digital Photography Tips

Here is my first blog post on the top ten tips of digital photography. Firstly, any type of photography is an art and should be speculated with a detailed eye and imagination. The finer the art, the more detail is usually put into and better results can last. Here is a quick breakdown of the top tips in the digital photography game that people can utilize and implement in today’s art.


Tip #1 is to make sure your hands do not shake. Control your breathing and make sure it is not too windy when you are taking your photos. This is a very basic step but it is the most important as well when it comes to perfecting the photography game.

Tip #2 is to buy a polarizer filter for your lens.  This filter reduces reflections from water, metal, & glass. Furthermore, it definitely improves the colors of the sky tones and earth tones.

Tip #3 is to not use flash indoors! This is very important when you are indoors not to use flash or it will look very unnatural. To fix this problem when you are indoors and is dark, then you can push the ISO up, usually around 800-1600 will make a pretty amazing difference for the shutter speed you decide to go with.


I want to make a shout out Annie Leibovitz & Steve Perelmuter for helping me find my passion in photography and making a blogsite solely about it. Enjoy!